Let The Begging Continue…

In Preble County we pride ourselves on our ‘rugged individualism,’ and we have a certain disdain for the poor — especially those who ‘beg’ for assistance. In government, though, we applaud those who beg. We take extreme pride in ‘getting something for nothing.’

Here are three recent examples:

In the Wednesday, Aug. 1 edition of The Register-Herald, an ideology of something-for-nothing surfaces.

Even though we are a rural community, and not a farming one, all the amenities built inside the county or geared toward the farming industry. In a front-page article of Wednesday, Aug. 1 edition of The Register-Herald, it is reported that about $2 million of Fairground projects were funded almost completely through grants or donations from businesses and wealthy donors.

I found this quote interesting because it suggest a community coming together on the project when, based on an earlier article, only a handful of people have donated money.

The following grants were received:

  • $895,000 used to pay the fairgrounds and put siding on buildings.
  • $100,000 (cost Preble County $50,000) for a net gain of $50,000. Used to update speaker system and other miscellaneous projects on the fairgrounds.
  • $400,000 to replace fairgrounds office building. This was supplemented with about $600,000 in private donations.
  • $50,000 donated by local business to install electronic sign in front of Fairgrounds.

In the Saturday, August 4th edition of The Register-Herald a local court gets involved in the ‘we want the benefit, but don’t want to pay for it’ approach. The paper reports that:

  • Preble County probation officers attend free training to learn about Carey Guides. The program attempts to reduce the number of juvenile repeat offenders. The dollar value of the Ohio Department of Youth Services is not discussed.

Another begging act is advertised in a full-page ad of the August 4th paper.

  • It is for the annual 7th annual Preble County Commissioners charity ball ticket price is a $50 donation.
    • Those who will benefit from this event are:
      • Junior Fair Board
      • Youth for Christ
      • Preble County Art Association
      • Preble County Meals on Wheels

A downside of begging for money is it restricts what a community receives. The decision of what amenities the community could benefit from is removed from local leaders and placed in the hands of a small group of wealthy donors and/or the state.


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